The debate on the relationship between school environments and learning methods enters the school through the proposal of design models and organization of physical spaces, as well as concrete solutions and examples for a reorganization of the same without the need for structural interventions and with the resources you have available.

The volume “Fare didattica in spazi flessibili. Progettare, allestire e utilizzare ambienti di apprendimento” (Giunti Scuola, 2019) which consists of a first part in which some proposals for shared design of school environments are presented, so that the resulting project with the related spaces and educational functions respond in the first place to the specific pedagogical vision of the school that contains them. From the theoretical vision we then move on to the realization through the story of the experiences of teachers who have created new learning environments “beyond the classroom”, starting from their pedagogical idea and modifying the spaces of their school, considering the physical environment as an element strategic for the quality of school life and learning.

Through the booktrailers it is possible to directly hear the voice of the teachers who are the protagonists of these experiences.

Finally, an in-depth study of the “Manifesto 1 + 4 educational spaces for the new millennium” is proposed, which proposes a vision of school as a unique and integrated environment with spaces that have diversified functions and purposes, the result of the group’s research work and which the bases of subsequent reflections.