Allemannenschule in Wutöschingen, a German school created and built for students.

How could the spaces in our schools be reconfigured in order to give life to innovative teaching that can promote student autonomy? Is a school possible in which standard lessons for everyone are no longer taught? What solutions can be adopted to respect the speed at which and how each person learns? The school we all know, made up of classrooms, chairs and rows of desks, is now, clearly, no longer able to meet the needs of modern teaching methods and the new standards of school well-being.

“The students in this school work hard, but they are motivated and attend lessons willingly. They study in small groups and in open spaces, with methods that are profoundly different from the front-facing lesson. This shows how it is possible to implement, including in Italian public schools, a modern solution that takes into account the results of the latest educational research. After all, the change now concerns the entire school system in our country”.

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