The “Turmatt” primary school is in Stans, a municipality of just over 8,000 inhabitants in the Nidvaldo Canton. It accommodates about 300 children, aged 4 to 12.

The building is new, on two floors with 4 areas per floor. Each area is marked by a colour: yellow identifies the spaces dedicated to children aged 4 and 5; red is for the 1st and 2nd primary school classes for ages 6 and 7; blue for ages 8/9; and green for ages 10/11.

The groups of children on the same floor work together: there are class spaces, but also shared work environments.

At the base of architectural design is a precise idea of a school that is linked to the value of being together, teachers and children, even of different ages. In this way, full inclusion can be achieved and the entire school community can grow socially. 

Giuseppe Moscato

(school architecture photo archive)

An example of a school designed according to inclusion and well-being where every child finds his place

Type: Case study